Hot Tips

For the ultimate Real Meals experience

Mix properly – follow the instructions! The most common mistake our customers make is not mixing their meals properly. Unless it’s a cold water rehydrate meal, the first thing is to use water that is boiling. That will ensure you have the best rehydrated hot meal. Once you’ve added the correct amount of water, stir it thoroughly. What we mean by thoroughly is getting your spoon to the bottom of the packet and into the corners of the bag, make sure that all the food has been mixed with the water. If you mix it for 30-seconds that should be ideal. Seal the bag up and leave it for 10-minutes. If you can wait for 15-minutes it won’t hurt it and that allows a bit more time for the flavours to be reactivated.

Reuse Bag – a big bonus is the Real Meals bags are reusable. Once clean, they are the ultimate zip-lock bag. They are excellent waterproof bags for phones and small items that you want to keep dry on your outdoor pursuits. A clean bag can also become the perfect utensil to combine meals.

Combines – a trick we love to do on our trips is combine meals. If you have a clean bag from a previous meal that’ll come in handy. For 2-people a combine we enjoy is to rehydrate a Cheesey Mash and a Wilderness Stew. Once they are ready to enjoy, spoon half of the Cheesey Mash into the clean bag (from a previous meal). Now you have two half bags of steaming Cheesey Mash – O boy! – now tip the Wilderness Stew over both portions of Cheesey Mash, position the bench seat in front of the fire … sit down and tuck in – do we need to say anymore? Get creative with your combines and it’ll feel like you’re dining all over the world.

Crush to a powder – with our smoothies and shakes, gently massage the contents of the bag upon opening to ensure a smooth, lump-free powder. Once satisfied, add water, and voilà! You’ll have the ultimate wilderness smoothie or shake.

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