Sponsorship & Ambassadors

We are currently committed to sponsorship and the ambassadors we have teamed up with for 2024. That said, we’re always interested in what exciting adventures people are planning, and if you think you have a unique marketing and promotion opportunity, then feel free to contact us.

What really helps is if you can share with us your previous adventures where Real Meals have enhanced your experience, and some images of you enjoying our meals in wicked locations. If you can convince us that you’re 100% fully committed to Real Meals and why, then we reckon that could be the start of something cool.

We’ll be honest, most sponsorship applications we get are of very low standard, and in our experience, most people don’t deliver on the promises they make, so keep that in mind. Having a few Instagram followers and a bunch of friends on Facebook doesn’t mean you’re a marketers dream.

But if you think you have the X-factor! by all means make contact.

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