Chocolate Cake Pudding

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Rich, moist, chocolate pudding in a smooth, creamy chocolate sauce.



Chocolate cake [Sugar, wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, egg, yoghurt (milk, milk solids, cultures], cocoa (5%), maize starch, raising agents (500, 541), salt, coffee, natural flavour], Cream cheese [milk, cream (from milk, milk solids, salt, vegetable gum], Cream (from milk), Cocoa powder (contains sulphites) (9%), Sugar, Vanilla bean paste [Vanilla bean extracts, natural vanilla flavour, sugar, ground vanilla bean, emulsifier (415)].

Contains Egg, Gluten containing cereals, Milk, Sulphites.

May Contain Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Tree Nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

13 reviews for Chocolate Cake Pudding

  1. Ashley Whitehead

    Such a winner! Sweet chocolaty goodness just what I crave after a day in the hills.

  2. Dan Moore

    This meal is a treat. If you want a decadent, full flavoured chocolate pudding packed with energy this is the one. This one fills goes awesome with a coffee or hot cuppa after a long day in the hills.

  3. tom bryant

    good enough to eat when you are at home!

  4. Lucy & Julia

    Yum! There’s no way I was sharing this. Delicious!

  5. Todd

    Yummo! Sen flippen sational. as far as tramping treats go – this is the bomb.

  6. Zane

    Mmm. Rich and decadent! A lovely treat with a cuppa to end a day in the hills. Recommended!

  7. Steve

    Nice to eat but too pricey. $17 for a pudding, maybe for a main meal…

  8. Paul

    Tastes so good,restaurant quality

  9. Lauren

    Such a winner! Had this on a cold stormy night. Mmmmm, so chocolatey and delicious!

  10. John Nicholls

    Look. I love Real Meals. Hell I have a collection of Absolute Wilderness meals that’ll take decades to go through before I even get close to the Rebrand… in the main the meals are absolutely delicious – a sight to behold, an olfactory sensation, a boundless tasty deliciousness to look forward to with a sweaty old polyprop still sticking to your back.
    Except this.
    I’m sorry but my xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, palatable and desirable than this. The taste? Sugary and the has consistency of mud.
    It’s not the best effort guys. Stick to delicious mains and breakfasts.
    In the future I’m going to sub this with a 1 litre platypus of a decent tawny port – far far better to contemplate the next days tramp in rain and snow with that than this offering…


    Hi John

    Thanks for the feedback, sorry you didn’t enjoy the Chocolate pudding, clearly not to your taste. I have edited some of the language, we’re happy to accept all feedback, we just ask that it’s kept respectful.


    Team Real Meals

  12. Steve Austin

    Dessert – the most important meal of the day? especially when its chocolate pudding!! Definitely my favourite meal by far.. .Also an amazing breakfast.

  13. Buschy

    So good and rewarding with, a hot chocolate sitting round the camp fire after a day of Exploring by kayak

  14. David Johnson

    @John Nicholls
    We really liked the chocolate cake pudding. I wonder if you added in too much water? We made the mistake of adding too much water with a main meal one time. We bring a measuring cup with us now.

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