How The Mash Is Made

We are really proud of the high quality of our freeze dried meals. You can’t cut corners and use average ingredients when you’re trying to make great food. In this blog post we decided to show you how we make our world famous Bacon Mash. You might be surprised to learn that we make it pretty much the same way you would at home. We get awesome New Zealand grown Nadine potatoes, preservative free bacon and cook it together until its creamy delicious bacon mash.


The Bacon

If you’re going to call a product Bacon Mash you better be using bloody good bacon! We work with a local butchery called Pestells. They’re famous for their bacon and other small goods. To keep our labels clean and simple we use preservative free bacon. This smokey bacon only has salt and sugar added to it. We use streaky bacon because well streaky bacon rocks. Once we’ve chopped it up we move on to the potatoes.

The Potatoes

The key to any good mash is using a high quality potato. We chose to use Nadines from Southland because they cook down to make a light creamy mash instead of a thick gluey one. The potatoes are inspected, washed and shredded with our special potato shredding machine before they’re added to the cooker.


Everything else

To give the mash some sweetness we sweat onions with the bacon. Once the potato is in the cooker we add blue top milk, salt and lastly chives to add flavour.


Once the mash has been unloaded from the drier we put it through our special mill (like a big blender). This makes it much easier to rehydrate and prevents any clumps when you add your water in. The mash is then hand packed into bags before being vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness and reduce the volume of the finished product.

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