Micro Adventures?!

Everyone loves an epic adventure somewhere exotic and hard to reach, the excitement of the planning and the thrill of being somewhere is amazing. Recently I’ve started to realise some of the best adventures are right on my doorstep. Not only do micro adventures offer less hassles than their longer counterparts they’re perfect for a mid week getaway.

With a clear forecast, sleeping mat and a sleeping bag you can be sleeping under the stars less than an hour from home. I’ve started checking the map for little getaway spots. The places I’m talking about are perfectly suited for adventures between the 5 and the 9 and often aren’t the traditional National Parks and Forest Parks you’re thinking of. There’s a certain thrill waiting for 5pm to roll around and heading off into the wild. I pack a few meals and slave my way up a hill or through the bush to my spot for the night. With sunrise sometime around 7am at the moment I have plenty of time to cook breakfast, pack up and be back at work before 9am rolls around.

Who else is a fan of micro adventures? Comment below!

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