Sponsorship FAQ

We’re always looking for adventurers and explorers to collaborate with. Naturally we get a lot of requests asking for free meals or financial support. We thought we’d do a write up on how to start the conversation with us and what we’re looking for.

From our perspective it’s a lot easier to say yes if we have a good idea of what we are going to get out of the partnership. Specifying things like blog posts, photos, videos and mentions on social media or in magazine articles helps our decision making process. Most of our best partnerships have been long term ones – we’re keen to build a relationship and help each other get the most out of any sponsorship.

Generally speaking we’re looking for people/organisations in New Zealand and Australia that have the ability to get our tasty meals in front of a decent sized audience. We look for people that share our brand values and feel like a natural fit. In the past we’ve partnered with extreme cavers, adventure racers, mountain bikers, explorers and a huge range of other interesting influencers. Make sure to include information about who you’ll get us in front of – your audience and your reach (followers etc).

If you’re still reading – get in touch!

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