What Hunters Can Learn From Adventure Racers

Hunters Freeze Dried food

Hunters share many similarities with Adventure Racers. Spending days off track in wilderness areas constantly exercising (often with heavy packs) could describe either activity. Nutritionally the demands are almost identical. If you thought about nutrition the same way as world champion adventure racing teams you could massively improve your endurance, focus and enjoyment in the outdoors. Here’s 3 things you should consider for your next hunting trip:


Its not just about the water! You also need to replace lost salts (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium), Adventure racers supplement their water intake with sports rehydration powders. They know that a 2% loss of fluids can result in a 20% loss of exercise performance. The key is to drink frequently and to check your urine colour for signs of dehydration – light coloured urine is good.


With calories its about getting the right amount of the right type regularly. If you’re exercising more than you normally would you need to be consuming more calories too. Whilst the sweet stuff provides a short term hit its not a long term solution. Adventure racers prefer complex carbohydrates (pasta, bread, rice, oats) which provide longer lasting energy. They also don’t skimp on the protein, not only does protein make you feel full it also aids with the bodies recovery – making it easier to go harder for longer.


Food isn’t just about energy its also about enjoying what you eat – your mindset massively influences your performance. Variety keeps your food interesting, when you’re feeling tired a tasty meal or snack can provide a huge boost. Keep sugary snacks on hand for a quick pick me up between meals – but be careful not to overload on the sweet stuff.

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