Winter Camping Tips

With snow on the mountains and clear skies we thought it was about time to share some top winter tips. Here’s the top 7 as chosen by our alpine experts.
  1. Stay hydrated – dehydration is a common problem on winter tramping trips. Just because its cold doesn’t mean you aren’t sweating. Tip: If the snow is getting dark yellow you need to drink more water!
  2. Eat something just before you go to bed – this will keep your metabolism working and keep you warm into the night.
  3. Boil Snow – Forget trying to find a stream or tarn, just boil the snow down in your jetboil, you’ll have hot water in minutes.
  4. Bring spare socks (and plastic bags) – if its wet or snowy your feet are going to get wet, bring spare socks for sleeping in and plastic bags to put over your feet so you can still wear your boots around camp.
  5. Layers are king – start with a rain/windproof outer and add remove layers as needed.
  6. Wear gaitors – they’re the best way to stop snowy slush from getting in your boots.
  7. Pee bottle – A great way to avoid facing the snow in the middle of the night. Just make sure you don’t confuse it with your drink bottle.

Whats your go to winter camping tip? Did we miss any of the essentials? Drop us a line!

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