Youth Range

Introducing the Real Meals Youth Range:

Elevating Outdoor Adventures with Exceptional Flavours

At Real Meals, we’ve embarked on a mission to inspire kids to embrace the great outdoors with boundless enthusiasm. We understand that convincing children to venture outside can sometimes be challenging, and we believe that exceptional meals play a pivotal role in shaping their outdoor experiences.

We all know that good food enhances any situation, and why should outdoor adventures be an exception?
Children need nourishing and delicious meals while exploring the outdoors, but traditional freeze-dried options aren’t tailored to their needs. Kids require more energy than what a simple packet of 2-minute noodles can offer.

That’s where Real Meals steps in.

At Real Meals, we’ve taken on the mantle of revolutionising freeze-dried meal production, setting a new standard not only in New Zealand but across the globe. We’re committed to maintaining our position as pioneers and market leaders in this endeavour.
Our latest innovation: the Real Meals Youth Range.

But where did we begin? The answer was simple. We turned to our own kids for inspiration.
The Real Meals Youth Range has been meticulously crafted by the very individuals who matter the most – our youth. Meet Dulcie, Tide, Zefa, Greer, and Finlay, our brilliant young product developers. They’ve collaborated closely with our chef to curate this exceptional range, and they haven’t held back in providing honest feedback. Every meal in the youth range has had to earn the stamp of approval from taste buds aged between 10 and 17. Our young team members have taken ownership of this project and made it their own.
At Real Meals, our team’s vision is to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone.
We understand that savouring excellent food in the wilderness is a key factor that draws people into the outdoors and ensures they relish the experience, encouraging them to return time and again.
If you’re someone who appreciates innovation and the drive to make outdoor adventures unforgettable, we’re just getting started. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine outdoor dining and inspire a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

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