Sri Lankan Curry

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A vibrant Sri Lankan chicken curry with a mellow cumin warmth to suit all palates.



Chicken (45%), Coconut cream [Coconut cream, water], Coconut Oil, Spices [Ground cumin, coriander seeds, fennels seeds (contains gluten containing cereal), turmeric, fenugreek seeds, ground cloves, chilli powder], Diced tomatoes [Tomatoes, salt, acidity regulator (330)], Tamarind, Onion, Lemongrass, Lime juice [Lime juice concentrate, preservative (202)], Black pepper, Crushed garlic [Garlic, salt, water, acidity regulators (260, 330), preservative (202)], Ginger paste [Ginger, water, sugar, acidity regulator (330), stabiliser (415), preservatives (202, 211)].

Contains Gluten containing cereals.
May Contain Milk, Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Tree Nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

17 reviews for Sri Lankan Curry

  1. Ash Whitehead

    Better than any curry I can make, in fact I reckon it gives most curry restaurants a run for their money. Loved the meatyness of this curry. The Mango Lassi was a great combo.

  2. Dan Moore

    A beautifully crafted curry that has full flavour, spices and texture. Quite exceptional that this meal can be achieved in the backcountry. Goes super well with Basmati rice.

  3. Rebecca

    I echo the other reviews – really superb. Added it to a couscous dinner and it rocked.

  4. Lucy & Julia

    This was my favorite. Incredible taste! Should have got some rice to go with it but still thoroughly enjoyed with Mango Lassi. Ate far too much but taste was too good to stop. Would be a good meal to share with rice.

  5. Karen

    Delicious curry – had with the basmati rice. Might be our fav!

  6. judy

    This was delicious – would be happy to eat this in a restaurant! Paired with the rice my husband & i had one each. I found it almost too much so could easily be shared.

  7. Cam

    Best dehy meal I’ve had totally recommend this one.

  8. Anna

    So good!!! Like actually nice and tastes like a curry. Should have with rice I reckon

  9. Steve Austin

    Amazing tasting curry, and paired with the rice definitely filled me up for the night which is no mean feat!

  10. GJ Coop

    Best tramping dinner available!! Yumbo!!

  11. kelvin brace

    too scared to try the other flavours in case they don’t measure up to this one. such a good freeze dry meal. sets the bar crazy high.

  12. Tanya Winter

    This is my fav so far. So tasty and just the right spice mix. I was worried when you were out of stock on rice, but threw in the remainder of a Bacon Mash and it was divine!

  13. Michele

    Tasty. We had it with the real meals cous cous which was delicious too. Looks like that has been discontinued though

  14. Kushla Currie

    Really tasty! Add some capsicum on top for fresh crunchiness and it’s even better.

  15. Rebecca

    This is a very tasty and filling meal. Without rice it is a bit like a soup, still very nice, but with basmati rice it is super delicious and enough for 2 people.

  16. Juanita

    This was my intro to real meals, got as a freebie from a rogaine event. It worked, I’m converted. I added some backcountry plain rice (sorry, was what I had with me) to packet before rehydrating to make full meal. I was super impressed with how authentic it tasted! The name change rings true. Maybe look at adding rice to the meal?? I quite like the ease of all-in-one meals.

  17. Paul the Hiker

    simply divine, bursting with vibrant flavors

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