Wilderness Stew

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A rich minced beef stew, with potato, carrots, celery, pumpkin and mushrooms, and cooked with locally brewed IPA.



Beef, Potato, Bacon [Pork, sugar, salt], Carrot, Pumpkin, Tomato paste, Coconut oil, Mushrooms, Beer (contains gluten containing cereals), Crushed garlic [Garlic, salt, water, acidity regulators (260, 330), preservative (202)], Diced tomatoes [Tomatoes, salt, acidity regulator (330)], Celery, Herbs, Salt, White pepper.
Contains Egg, Gluten containing cereals.

May Contain Milk, Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Tree Nuts.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.

16 reviews for Wilderness Stew

  1. Edward Peters

    My all time favourite Freeze Dried Meal

  2. Lucy & Julia

    Tasty & filling stew. Great combined with Cheesy Mash. Delish! Just like home cooking. Julia was sceptical about freeze dried. She’s a foody and amazing cook. She’s now converted! Julia couldn’t believe how good these meals are! Top marks guys!

  3. Katherine

    Not usually one to adventure with dehydrated meals but had one of these on a recent overnighter and was super impressed with the quality. Look forward to trying some of the other options in future.

  4. Adam Errington

    I loved this. Definitely tasted like a ‘real meal’. I ate the whole thing hungrily at mt heale hut.

  5. Paul

    Very tasty ,

  6. Richard

    An absolute go-to for a hot satisfying meal in the middle of no-where – tastes like a real meal!

  7. Jacob

    I have tried many freeze dried meals in NZ and abroad, the Reals Meals are by far the best I’ve ever had. I’ve just come back from a 3day hike in Nelson Lakes National Park and these meals are a highlight of the trip, I couldn’t recommend more. My partner tried the Sri Lanka Curry and said it tasted just like a take away!!!

  8. Clay Reed

    Tried to save it but just had to test for Fiordland trip this Roar.. Extremely safe to say I’ll be stocking all RealMeals over any other Dehy meals on the market.

  9. Michele

    It was OK but lacking a bit of flavour for me. The texture is nice though

  10. Kushla Currie

    Very tasty indeed and far better than other brands.

  11. GirlGuiding New Zealand – Rangers

    REALLY nice meal. Better than similar meals from other producers. Tasty for sure. Not too big and not too small

  12. Amazed

    Having savoured the wilderness stew on numerous outings, my recent encounter transcended all expectations. The pumpkin, velvety and bursting with freshness, took center stage. The mushrooms, perfectly textured, added depth to its divine flavour. To achieve such culinary excellence through freeze-drying is nothing short of miraculous. This stew redefined wilderness dining, a masterpiece. Each spoonful was a testament to craftsmanship, leaving me awestruck and eager for more.

  13. Honora


  14. Jen Petrie

    Really enjoyed the wilderness stew after a wet day on the Milford Track, it was just what I needed. I found the meal to be very filling and struggled to finish it.

  15. Jo

    Love Real Meals. Head and shoulders above the other options out there. Only 4 stars instead of 5 for the wilderness stew though because the flavour semed weirdly overpowered by either the carrot or the pumpkin so it that was really most of what you could taste.

  16. Jan Swart

    Tasty and delicious, and just the right size. In fact I could hardly eat it all.

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